Blueprint to Start Affiliate Marketing For Free: Test The Waters

Hey and welcome to my crafted Blueprint to Start Affiliate Marketing For Free: Testing The Waters.This piece will reveal everything you need to create an online business for free.To succeed online you only need requisite information and knowledge. You don't need any technical knowledge or experience to start and scale your business.

Are you a pessimist on making money online owing to the fact that you've been ripped off .Or are you in search of a genuine platform that can make you money from the comfort of your home.If so you are on the right post.Succeeding online requires the requisite training and step by step guide.

In this post i will unearth a free platform where you can start making money online after following the step by step  guide embedded in  the video based free training. I mean you don't need a credit card..test the waters for free. On this platform you will be exposed to the  centerpiece,sum and substance of building a successful online business via the affiliate marketing online business model. After walking through the training you will be able to design a website, and get your online business rolling instead of paying huge sum of amount to learn in piecemeal for website development,SEO and affiliate marketing technicality etc.

The site I'm about to unveil is the platform where a huge number of successful online entrepreneur got the must-have skill and training to becoming experts. You will be surprised with the number of people you will meet on the community.The good thing is that you can join for free and meet the experienced and  well-heeled internet marketers on the platform.

With the above premise, what then is the name of the online hub that bring forth newbies,marketers with little fledgling experience and adept online entrepreneur into a community to learn and earn. The site is called Wealthy Affiliate,it also go by the name Wealthy Affiliate University or WA.


Wealthy Affiliate was established in 2005, is the creation and brainchild of Kyle and Carson. Since 2005,WA  has continue to innovate and soar by the years.The platform provide top-notch online training, thus Wealthy Affiliate University helps people succeed online through an in depth step by step video training, well  structured to make all and sundry top Affiliate Marketers.WA has helped over 1 million budding internet entrepreneurs worldwide.

This portends that after following through the online coaching/mentoring,you will have the mastery of the requisite skills that will generate Affiliate Commission from top Affiliate networks like Amazon,Clickbank, JvZoo,Commission Junction,MaxBounty,Rakuten Linkshare etc. You can also rake in tons of thousand from Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Program.What i'm divulging invariably is that you could make a full time income online from the comfort of your room.


The following projects the 4 simple steps  to mastering  Affiliate Marketing on Wealthy Affiliate platform.

      STEP 1 

Choose An Interest


    STEP 2

Build a Website


    STEP 3

Attract Visitors


    STEP 4

Earn Revenue


Wealthy Affiliate training is loaded with  step-by-step video guide that will make you a successful online entrepreneur. The training covers certification courses(5levels);Wealthy University Affiliate program;website development and hosting,SEO,keyword and niche research etc.

For an in depth see-through of the training on WA University.I present below a synopsis of four out of the five levels of  certification training for your perusal.To access this training ,you've got to click on .

Level 1 -Getting Started

Level 2-Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website

Level 3-Making Money

Level 4-Mastering Social Engagement

Furthermore,you can make tons of thousand from WA Affiliate Program apart from the available hundreds of affiliate network. There is Affiliate Bootcamp,a section dedicated to training WA members(Free and Premium) the process of making money through Wealthy Affiliate well structured video training in the Affiliate Boot camp 7 phases.The training empowers you to build an incredible online business with huge earning potentials through demystified step-by-step guide.

WA training Program include Live Video Classes. The following screen shot illustrate better

Live Training

The different classrooms on WA are:

  • keyword ,niche and market research
  • Everything WordPress
  • Authoring and writing content
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social engagement and marketing
  • Website development and programming
  • Local marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Traffic generation and a host of others

WA Education extends to an all-embracing simple to follow website design training. The platform has thousands of stunning templates. Building your niche website on WA University is very simple.Get started and see your site running online in a mater of minutes.Signing up even as a free member gives you access to build two free website hosted and visible to the world.

Glimpse of Few Themes

Support and security on WA platform is awesome. Support is available 24hours a day through out the seven days of the week.


Wealthy Affiliate has a robust community of over 800,000 people.WA community is a platform to network with thousands of members who are online entrepreneurs from diverse countries extending to over 195 nations of the world.It creates avenue for getting insights from experts,building business relationship and getting help when you need it from the largest internet marketing community.


 Wealthy Affiliate Cons

A post of this magnitude will not be complete without outlining few cons. Some of the draw backs  include:

  • To make passive income online requires work.WA is not a get rich quick put-up
  • WA Community live chat could be addictive and a source of distraction if one is not focused(24/7 running).
  • The 7days premium trial for starters may be too short a time for starters with very tight schedule.
  • You may need to go premium to benefit maximally.

Comparative Analysis of Free and Premium Membership

As highlighted ab initio, you can join WA for free and get top-notch training to become an Affiliate Marketer.The Starter membership gives you access to the premium service for 7days.The difference between the Free and premium membership is that premium members have 24/7 access to premium coaching,private messaging,unrestricted live chat,unlimited questions,website help and support while free members have some restriction to some services/training.Thus, you can start from free,have a feel of the training and upgrade to premium  if you deem it needful. Though premium members are opportune to make more money than free members. The table below explain it better.


In a nutshell, the post has encapsulated the road map to build and scale your online business via WA platform.From education to support,tools,network,website development  and the benefit of the community. No doubt,if you follow through the training and techniques unveiled in the step-by-step video coupled with some effort you will surely have a thriving online business.

Thanks for stopping by to read. I will appreciate your comment and feedback.

6 Replies to “Blueprint to Start Affiliate Marketing For Free: Test The Waters”

  1. There is definitely a lot to learn at wealthy affiliate but not impossible. To be successful you need to put the work in to gain results. You have covered a lot of detail in your post and any one new to the learning platform will have to make their mind up if it is really what they want to do. I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for 1 year and i am still learning, but at the same time making progress.

    • Hello Andrew,thanks for taking time to comment on my post.To make passive
      income income online one need to put in effort once the person understands
      the nitty-gritty money start to come in.However,learning is a continuous
      process,one need to be updated on the latest trend and tide in vogue.
      Wealthy Affiliate Rocks!
      It remains the best online hub to becoming an online entrepreneur

  2. This is certainly a detailed blueprint. I have definitely tested the waters with Wealthy Affiliate and it is the best online decision I have ever made. The period time for free training is really short and it forces you to go premium. That is exactly what I did and have no regrets. What is your strategy to avoid addiction to the WA community?

    • Thanks Carol for stopping by on my site The founders of WEALTHY AFFILIATE initiative of giving people room to test the water(s) is pretty good.A Feel for free engender moving to premium. The training is really indepth and step-by for anyone who wants to learn how to build a thriving online business and thus start making money online.The logic to avoiding addiction on WA Community is dugged discipline by having ‘What To Do Today’,weekly plan, and possibly monthly projection on what is to be achieved online.

  3. Hi there, this seems pretty interesting. I took a brief look around the site and had a question. Did you start out with your own niche site first or did you aim to get right into promoting Wealthy Affiliate when you started?

    While I understand it may take time and it isn’t a get rich quick scheme…how long did it take to make any money at all?

    • Hello Craig,
      My main niche centers on ‘How to Make Money Online’.Thus, when i joined
      Wealthy Affiliate i use the website you visited to unearth different
      ways of making money online.I have some understanding of internet
      marketing before i joined,i only build on it as a WA member.However, on
      the length of time to start making money-it depend on your effort.
      Input determines output,just make sure your post revolves around
      different key words in your niche.If you post consistently you should
      start earning in no distance time.But, you have to know that it takes
      time for search engine to trust new sites. Therefore,work very hard
      in your first six month.Moreover,if you have the mastery of using facebook,
      google adwords can start earning immediaetley no need for waiting
      for your site to rank in search engine.

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